Cypherock X1 and Onramp: A Partnership to Revolutionize the Crypto Landscape
2 min readMay 9, 2023


The crypto world is rife with scams, hacks, and CEX collapses that often lead to massive losses for investors. However, a new partnership between Cypherock X1 and Onramp aims to bring about a safer and more secure future for cryptocurrency users.

Cypherock X1 is leading the charge in the quest for a safer hardware wallet. By decentralizing users’ keys into five separate shards, each stored on a tamper-proof hardware, the wallet offers unparalleled security. In case of a lost shard, users still have four remaining ones, making sure that their crypto is always protected. The need for seed phrases, which are often subject to trust issues, hacks, thefts, fire, and other disasters, is also eliminated, providing users with an extra layer of peace of mind.

Onramp, on the other hand, is offering developers APIs to onboard users to buy crypto directly on their website. The platform handles all the regulatory, compliance, fiat payment methods, and wallet management, particularly in India. Onramp offers the lowest processing fees in the Indian crypto market and is incredibly efficient when it comes to payments. Onramp uses liquidity from multiple exchanges to provide users with the best prices available.

Together, Cypherock X1 and Onramp form a complete solution for buying, storing, and managing cryptocurrency. With the security of Cypherock X1’s hardware wallet and the ease of use provided by Onramp’s APIs, users can finally have full control over their crypto investments without worrying about theft or loss.

This partnership enables users to buy crypto directly with FIAT currency in India, with Onramp handling the entire regulatory and compliance process. Users can pay via UPI or IMPS and buy crypto at the best prices available on the market.

For traders, the partnership means they can focus on making trades without worrying about security issues. For holders, it means they can sleep soundly at night knowing their crypto assets are safe. And for both, it means they can buy, sell, and manage their crypto easily and efficiently.

Speaking about the partnership, Chandan Kumar, the co-founder of Onramp believes that the Cypherock X1 and Onramp partnership is set to revolutionize the crypto landscape, bringing about a safer, more secure, and efficient future for all cryptocurrency users. “With the world’s safest hardware wallet and the easiest way to buy and manage crypto, the future of cryptocurrency is brighter than ever before.”, he added.

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