Integration of Mantle Network on Onramp Money: Seamless ETH Purchase for Global Users
4 min readOct 27, 2023

Onramp Money is thrilled to announce the integration of Mantle Network, an L2 Ethereum rollup solution, into its platform, providing a seamless way for users from India, Mexico, UAE, Vietnam, Kenya, Chile, Colombia, Turkey, Nigeria, and Indonesia to directly purchase ETH. This integration opens up a world of opportunities for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors across these regions, making it easier than ever to enter the world of Ethereum.

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Advantages of Mantle Network:

  • Mass Adoption of Token-Governed Technologies: Mantle Network is designed as an L2 Ethereum rollup solution with a governance structure driven by token holders. This empowers users and investors to actively participate in shaping the future of the network. With a transparent and token holder-governed roadmap, Mantle Network ensures that the community’s interests are at the forefront.
  • Hyperscale Performance: Mantle Network offers high performance and low fees by combining roll-up technology with a decentralized data availability layer, powered by EigenDA technology. Users can enjoy faster transaction finality and significantly lower fees compared to traditional Ethereum transactions.
  • Secured by Ethereum: Leveraging Ethereum’s renowned security, Mantle Network provides a secure environment for dApps and smart contracts. Users can experience high throughput while benefiting from Ethereum’s robust security mechanisms.
  • Mantle Governance: Token holders play a pivotal role in determining the strategic direction of Mantle Network. Proposals and voting by $MNT token holders guide decisions regarding new initiatives, treasury resources, team powers, and corrective actions, ensuring a community-driven approach.
  • Resource Management: As stewards of a substantial treasury, Mantle Network prioritizes value, transparency, and accountability, providing a stable foundation for the ecosystem’s growth and development.
  • EVM Compatibility: Mantle Network is EVM-compatible, meaning that all Ethereum contracts and tools work seamlessly on the Mantle Network with minimal modifications. This compatibility encourages experimentation with web3 applications and offers developers an efficient, low-fee environment for deploying smart contracts.
  • Modular Architecture: Mantle Network’s modular architecture combines an optimistic rollup protocol with innovative data availability solutions. This approach not only inherits Ethereum’s security but also offers cost-effective and accessible data availability.

Mantle Network vs. Non-Rollup Chains:

Mantle Network’s reliance on the Ethereum validator set and consensus protocol offers several advantages:

  • Canonical Bridging: Mantle Network enables canonical bridging without the need for third-party bridges, simplifying the process of transferring assets between L1 and L2.
  • Censorship Resistance: Users can trust Mantle Network’s censorship-resistant features, providing them with a secure and reliable platform for their transactions and smart contracts.
  • Fund Recovery: Even in the rare event of critical issues on layer-2, Mantle Network ensures fund recovery options, enhancing the overall safety of the platform.
  • Secured by Ethereum: By building on top of Ethereum, Mantle Network benefits from Ethereum’s robust security and common developer infrastructure.
  • Lower Gas Fees: Users can enjoy a remarkable reduction in gas fees, thanks to data compression and modular data availability, making transactions more cost-effective.
  • Reduced Latency and Improved Throughput: Mantle Network offers reduced transaction confirmation latencies and significantly improved throughput compared to Ethereum’s layer-1, making it ideal for applications requiring speed and scalability.
  • Modular Architecture: Mantle Network’s modular approach separates transaction execution, consensus, settlement, and storage, ensuring efficiency and scalability. The EVM-compatible environment provides an ideal platform for developers, while data availability services are enhanced through Mantle DA powered by EigenDA technology.

As we integrate Mantle Network Mainnet into Onramp Money, we invite users from across the globe to explore the possibilities of a faster, more secure, and community-driven Ethereum ecosystem. Whether you’re new to blockchain technology or a seasoned enthusiast, Mantle Network’s features are designed to enrich your experience and empower you in the world of decentralized finance.

About Mantle

Mantle Ecosystem comprises an Ethereum layer 2 (L2) — Mantle Network, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) — Mantle Governance, one of the largest on-chain treasuries — Mantle Treasury, and an upcoming Ether (ETH) liquid staking product — Mantle LSD: all built on Ethereum. Mantle token is the unified product and governance token of the ecosystem. Mantle is a fast-growing, DAO-led ecosystem whose goal is the mass adoption of decentralized and token-governed technologies.

Mantle’s first core product is Mantle Network, an L2 technology stack for scaling Ethereum. Mantle Network strives to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Mantle Network’s modular architecture separates transaction execution, data availability, and transaction finality into modules — which can be individually upgraded and adopt the latest innovations. Mantle Network is the first L2 to partner with ETH restaking protocol EigenLayer for the data availability module. By adopting a rollup architecture, Mantle Network is secured by Ethereum. As the world’s first DAO-spawned L2, Mantle Network is pioneering a vision for the mass adoption of token-governed technologies.

Mantle token ($MNT) powers Mantle Network as its native gas token and ecosystem growth token, and serves as the governance token of Mantle Governance. All future Mantle products will likewise be initiated by the Mantle token holder community through vote and powered by Mantle token.

To support the next-generation of innovators, builders, and developers, Mantle is growing its ecosystem via Mantle Grants Program and Mantle EcoFund, a catalyzed capital pool o $200M.

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