Onramp Money Adds $NOT: A Game-Changer in Crypto Gaming

2 min readMay 16, 2024


Onramp Money is thrilled to announce the addition of $NOT, a revolutionary cryptocurrency born from the success of the Notcoin game on Telegram. With $NOT, users from various countries, including India, Nigeria, Turkey, UAE, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kenya, South Africa, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Europe, Brazil, and more, can now buy $NOT with their local fiat currency and payment methods.

You can now Buy NOT on Tonkeeper, Onramp Money app and TG wallet instantly.

Origins of Notcoin:

Notcoin started as a simple yet addictive game within the Telegram messaging app, developed by Open Builders. Players tapped a golden coin on their screens to earn Notcoin, the in-game currency. This tap-to-earn mechanism quickly gained popularity, attracting millions of players daily.

Gameplay Mechanics:

Players tap the Notcoin bot on Telegram, where a golden coin appears on the screen. Tapping the coin earns Notcoin, with energy depleting with each tap and refilling slowly over time. Boosts can increase earnings, and players climb a global leaderboard by completing quests and purchasing cosmetic upgrades.

Transition to $NOT Token:

Notcoin is transitioning to the $NOT token, launching on The Open Network (TON). Unlike many crypto projects, $NOT aims for fair distribution by airdropping 100% of tokens to the community. The total supply of $NOT is 102,719,221,714, with an equal circulating supply upon listing. Unclaimed airdrops and other allocations will gradually enter the secondary market.

The addition of $NOT coin to Onramp Money marks a significant step in the evolution of TON ecosystem . With fair distribution, innovative gameplay mechanics, and a strong community, $NOT is poised to disrupt the crypto gaming space. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with $NOT!




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