Onramp Money Adds Starknet Support: A New Era of Fiat-to-Crypto Integration

3 min readMay 30, 2024


Onramp Money continues to revolutionize the fintech landscape by integrating Starknet into its platform, allowing users from over 30 countries to seamlessly buy ETH on Starknet using local fiat currencies and payment methods, including bank transfers. This strategic move underscores Onramp Money’s commitment to enhancing user experience and expanding its reach in the crypto market.

What is Starknet?

Starknet is a cutting-edge Layer 2 (L2) blockchain solution built on Ethereum, known for its robust scalability and security. As a permissionless Validity-Rollup, also known as a zero-knowledge rollup (ZK rollup), Starknet enables decentralized applications (dApps) to achieve massive computational scale without compromising Ethereum’s inherent security and composability.

Key Features of Starknet

High Performance and Low Costs: Starknet leverages the STARK cryptographic proof system to offer secure, low-cost transactions. This advanced cryptographic technology ensures that transactions are validated off-chain, significantly reducing the load on the Ethereum mainnet.

Native Account Abstraction: Starknet redefines user and developer experiences through Native Account Abstraction. This feature ensures all accounts are smart accounts, whose behavior is determined by developers rather than the protocol. This flexibility allows developers to customize account management, enhancing security and user experience.

Cairo Programming Language: Starknet contracts and its operating system are built using Cairo, a specialized programming language. Cairo empowers developers to push the boundaries of their applications by coding any kind of business logic, enabling them to fully realize their vision on Starknet.

STARK Technology for Computational Integrity: By validating transactions off-chain with advanced mathematical and cryptographic proofs, Starknet provides unlimited scalability while maintaining Ethereum’s security and decentralization. This ensures that dApps on Starknet can operate at unprecedented scales without sacrificing reliability.

Onramp Money and Starknet: Bridging the Gap

The integration of Starknet into Onramp Money’s platform marks a significant milestone. Users from diverse regions, including India, Nigeria, Turkey, UAE, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa, and LATAM, can now buy ETH on the Starknet network using their local fiat currencies and preferred payment methods. This includes the convenience of local bank transfers, making the process smooth and accessible.

By supporting Starknet, Onramp Money not only enhances its offering but also contributes to the broader adoption of Ethereum-based technologies. This collaboration embodies Onramp Money’s mission to provide instant fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat rails with low fees and high security, focusing on emerging markets with low credit and debit card penetration.

The addition of Starknet support is a testament to Onramp Money’s dedication to innovation and user-centric solutions. By facilitating easy access to ETH on Starknet through local fiat currencies and payment methods, Onramp Money is poised to set new standards in the fintech and onramp/offramp solution in developing countries. As Starknet continues to evolve, Onramp Money’s users can look forward to more secure, efficient, and scalable transactions, driving the future of decentralized finance.

Stay tuned for more updates as Onramp Money and Starknet continue to shape the future of finance




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