Onramp Money adds support for $HIPP Token in India, Turkey, UAE, Mexico and Indonesia

2 min readSep 22, 2023

We are happy to announce that $HIPP token is now supported on the Onramp Money platform, enabling users from India, Turkey, Mexico, UAE, and Indonesia to seamlessly purchase $HIPP tokens using local fiat payments and instant bank transfers.

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$HIPP Token: Beyond the Hype
$HIPP is not your typical cryptocurrency. It is the native token of El Hippo, a community-driven DeFi project with a unique vision. Let’s dive into the utility and opportunities that $HIPP token brings to the table.

Token Utility: Fueling Growth and Engagement
$HIPP token is at the core of El Hippo’s ecosystem, and its utility goes far beyond just trading. It plays a crucial role in driving the growth and success of the project. Here’s how:

Incentivizing Exchange Listings:
$HIPP tokens are used to incentivize the listing of $HIPP on various cryptocurrency exchanges, enhancing its accessibility and liquidity.

Building Influential Relationships:
El Hippo aims to collaborate with influential figures in the crypto space. $HIPP tokens are used to fund these relationships, bringing more visibility and credibility to the project.

Powering Marketing Campaigns:
Marketing is key to spreading the word about El Hippo. $HIPP tokens are utilized for marketing activities like bounty programs, press releases, public events, and partnerships.

Long-Term Vision: Beyond Meme Coins
El Hippo stands out from the crowd of meme coins by having a long-term vision for sustainable growth and utility. The project is dedicated to putting tokens back into the community to foster real, organic growth over time.

Hippo Rewards: Thanking the Community
As a token of gratitude to the supportive community, 1% of the $HIPP token supply will be airdropped to all $HIPP NFT holders. It’s a way of recognizing and rewarding the community’s dedication.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bring innovative solutions to the world of crypto and DeFi.

About Hippo Token

A meme coin is only as strong as its community, and our community is strong. What else would you expect from a giant hippo, right? We’d love you to meet the rest of the El Hippo posse — check us out on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and CoinMarketCap at the links below! Any rewards programs, airdrops, or special announcements we do will come through our social media channels — make sure to stay connected!

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