Onramp Money and Manta Network Integration: Unlocking Instant Fiat-to-Crypto in 60 Seconds

3 min readNov 22, 2023

In a significant move towards enhancing global crypto accessibility, Onramp Money has seamlessly integrated Manta Network, offering users the ability to buy ETH instantly with local fiat currency via instant bank transfers. This groundbreaking partnership expands the reach of crypto adoption to users in India, Turkey, Mexico, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, Vietnam, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Europe, UK, and beyond. Here’s a closer look at the game-changing features of Manta Network and what this integration means for users.

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1. What is Manta Network?

Manta Pacific, the first EVM-equivalent ZK-application platform, stands out for its scalability and security through Celestia DA and Polygon zkEVM. Leveraging modular data availability and Universal Circuits, Manta Pacific delivers a high-performance infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of traditional Layer 2 solutions.

2. Low Fees, High Scalability

Manta Pacific’s unique approach utilizes Celestia and a modified OP Stack to provide extraordinary scalability with low gas fees. The introduction of Universal Circuits further enhances the environment for developers, offering a cost-effective solution for building and deploying ZK applications and decentralized applications (dapps).

3. Developer-Friendly, App Agnostic

Manta Network takes a multi-modular approach, providing developers with flexibility in leveraging private identity tools across various chains and web2 environments. SDKs and proof keys simplify the integration of on-chain identity with just a few lines of code, making it developer-friendly and app agnostic.

4. New ZK Use Cases

Universal Circuits, Manta Pacific’s ZK library, allows developers to seamlessly call ZK-enabled contracts for existing Solidity smart contracts and dapps. The core circuit designs, including zkContracts like zkShuffle for on-chain gaming, open up new possibilities for developers to explore and innovate.

5. Non-Invasive Compliance

Manta Network’s zkSBTs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Blockchain Transactions) enable users to verify in a trustless, decentralized manner without exposing sensitive details. Features like zkBAB and zkGalxe Passport deliver seamless on-chain KYC verification, prioritizing user privacy.

6. A Growing Ecosystem

From DeFi to gaming to social applications, Manta’s ecosystem is designed to bring the best experience and value to real users. The Manta Ecosystem Grants Program further supports the exploration and growth of new use cases to solve real user pain points.

The integration of Manta Network into Onramp Money bridges the gap between fiat and crypto, offering users a seamless and secure onboarding experience. Watch this space for upcoming tutorials and updates on leveraging this integration, as we usher in a new era of crypto accessibility and innovation.

This collaboration is not just about technology; it’s about empowering users and driving the global adoption of decentralized finance. The future is bright, and the journey has just begun.

About Manta Network

Manta Network is a groundbreaking EVM-equivalent ZK-application platform. It combines scalability and security through Celestia DA and Polygon zkEVM. This innovative network utilizes Universal Circuits to offer a high-performance infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of traditional Layer 2 solutions.

With its low fees, Manta Network empowers developers to build and deploy ZK applications and dapps efficiently. It fosters a developer-friendly environment by providing tools like SDKs and proof keys for easy on-chain identity integration.

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About Onramp Money

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