Onramp Money now has integrated Linea on ETH Purchases: A Guide for Users in India, Turkey, UAE, Brazil, and Beyond

3 min readFeb 5, 2024

Introduction to Onramp Money’s Latest Feature

Onramp Money has taken a significant leap forward in enhancing the accessibility of Ethereum (ETH) by integrating with Linea. This groundbreaking development allows users from a wide array of countries, including India, Turkey, the UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Vietnam, and various European nations, to purchase ETH directly on the Linea. What sets this apart is the ability to execute these transactions using local currencies through instant bank transfers, streamlining the process for a global audience.

Explore Onramp Money x Linea partner page here: https://onramp.money/partners/linea/

Understanding Linea: The Backbone of This Integration

Linea is not just another blockchain network; it represents a pivotal evolution in scaling the Ethereum experience. It achieves this remarkable feat through out-of-the-box compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling seamless deployment of existing Ethereum applications and fostering the development of new, innovative ones that would otherwise be impractical due to cost or scalability issues on the Ethereum Mainnet.

The Technology Behind Linea

At its core, Linea leverages cutting-edge, quantum-resistant lattice-based cryptography to generate zero-knowledge proofs. These proofs encapsulate every transaction conducted on the network, subsequently rolling them up to the Ethereum Mainnet. This sophisticated approach ensures that every transaction is recorded on the Ethereum ledger, significantly reducing security costs while enhancing transaction speed and efficiency.

Key Features of Linea

Next-Generation Scalability: Experience low gas fees and minimal latency without compromising on throughput, all backed by Ethereum’s robust security framework.

Developer-Friendly: With full compatibility with the most popular development tools, infrastructure, IDEs, and wallets, including MetaMask distribution, Linea is a haven for developers.

Unmatched Performance: Thanks to its award-winning prover technology, Linea boasts rapid finality and enables trustless withdrawals in minutes, setting a new standard for blockchain performance.

Setting Up Your Wallet for Linea

To tap into the vast potential of Linea and start transacting with ETH on this innovative platform, you’ll need to set up your wallet appropriately. Fortunately, Linea’s design philosophy emphasizes seamless integration with existing Ethereum infrastructure, making MetaMask the ideal wallet choice.

How to Get Started with MetaMask and Linea

Install MetaMask: If you’re new to MetaMask, it’s a versatile identity manager, wallet, and gateway to the decentralized web. Installing MetaMask is straightforward; it’s available as a browser extension or a mobile app, catering to your preferred platform.

Switch to Linea Network: MetaMask intuitively supports Linea, requiring no additional setup. Simply switch to the Linea network using MetaMask’s network switcher. For guidance, refer to MetaMask’s comprehensive instructions.

Onramp Money’s integration with Linea is a transformative step towards democratising access to Ethereum, making it more accessible and affordable for users worldwide.

Whether you’re in India, Brazil, Europe, or anywhere in between, buying ETH on Linea is now just a few clicks away, thanks to instant bank transfers in your local currency. Set up your MetaMask, switch to Linea, and join the revolution in Ethereum transactions today.

Check out the link to learn more about How to Setup your MetaMask wallet and connect to Linea Network instantly.

About Linea

Linea is a network that scales the experience of Ethereum. Its out-of-the-box compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine enables the deployment of already-existing applications, as well as the creation of new ones that would be too costly on Mainnet. It also enables the community to use those dapps, at a fraction of the cost, and at multiples the speed of Mainnet.

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