Onramp.money: Quadrimestral Chronicle (January-April, 2024)

5 min readApr 29, 2024


  • Funding Secured from Funfair Ventures.
  • Integrated more local payment methods for user convenience.
  • Expanded into over 10 new territories, offering on-ramping and off-ramping solutions.
  • Listed over 10 new tokens on Onramp.money, integrated within 25+ new projects including Kucoin.
  • Added support for over 5 new blockchains.
  • Organized multiple free crypto distribution events.


Following grants from Algorand Ventures in 2023, Onramp.money welcomed the new year by securing another investment. It secured grants from Funfair Ventures in February 2024. This funding marked a significant step for Onramp Money as it advances its global expansion and operational scalability. The collaboration with FunFair Ventures is pivotal in achieving the company’s ambitious objectives.


  • The tireless efforts of 2023 yielded promising outcomes in the initial months of 2024, as we extended our onramping services (Fiat to crypto) to captivating locations including Peru, South Africa, Kenya, Thailand, and Malaysia.
  • New payment methods respective to geographies added like Khipu in Peru, MPesa in Kenya, ThaiQR in Thailand ,Instant bank transfers in other geos.
  • Furthermore, we enabled Offramp services (Crypto to Fiat ) in Indonesia, the Philippines, Europe, and Nigeria.


The Onramp Mobile App has been globally launched and is available for installation from the Google Play Store across all the regions where Onramp operates.


In addition to the blockchains already supported on Onramp, new support is introduced for the following blockchains. This integration not only enables instant purchases with Fiat for their native tokens but also opens the door for easy integration of On/Off-ramping services through Onramp.money for the ecosystem projects of these blockchains.

  • Aptos Lab Mainnet
  • AlephZero
  • Bahamut
  • Kaspa Currency

& more


Under the custom token addition program, Onramp in the first quarter of the year has listed the following crypto assets, expanding its existing token lineup. This partnership has streamlined the purchasing process for these tokens, making their acquisition as straightforward as buying everyday goods digitally.

These crypto assets can now be instantly purchased using fiat currency in over 35 countries via local payment methods and through instant bank transfers in those regions.

Few of the newly listed tokens are as follows:

  • Farmsent — $FARMS
  • Carbon Browser — $CSIX
  • Kaspa currency — $KAS
  • AlephZero — $AZERO
  • Mangoman Intelligent — $MMIT
  • Vitainu — $VINU
  • Funfair Token — $FUN
  • Fastex -$ FTN

& more


Crypto Exchanges:

The following centralized & Decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges have integrated Onramp.money into their wallet or deposit sections to enable their users to access cryptocurrencies instantly using local currencies. This integration aims to streamline and simplify crypto purchases for these users without the need to leave the platform.


  • Kucoin Exchange
  • Bitget
  • Probit Global
  • Coincall Exchange
  • Coinex


Coins/Tokens Websites

The following web3 projects, each having their native token, have recently incorporated an Onramp widget onto their websites. The integration empowers users to purchase native tokens of these projects within the website itself, in a matter of seconds via 15 local currencies across 35+ countries using local payment channels available in their respective countries:

  • Kaspa Currency — $KAS
  • VitaInu- $VINU
  • Aura Network — $AURA
  • BitcoinTry — $BTTY
  • Islamic Coin — $ISLM

Additionally, the following leading web3 projects have also added Onramp.money to their websites, wallets, and dapps:

  • Linea
  • Here Wallet
  • Ston.fi
  • Solflare Wallet
  • Synthswap
  • FreeBnk
  • Keychains
  • Fuel On Blast
  • Kodo Ramp
  • JLT

& more.


The collaboration between Onramp.money and MetaMask has advanced, now offering support in additional regions by accepting respective fiat currencies and enabling local instant bank transfers for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

The combined expansion now encompasses more countries where MetaMask and Onramp are operating together.


Onramp.money has shared a crucial report highlighting seven acts that may lead users into legal or financial complications, including delays in transaction processing:

  • Unverified Apps/P2P Trades can cause unintended legal trouble.
  • Proxy Sign-in/Proxy Trading is strictly prohibited.
  • Money Muling is a zero-tolerance act.
  • Inaccurate Details/Document Tampering can lead to issues.
  • Benami Accounts are not permitted.
  • Name Mismatch can impact transactions significantly.
  • Tax Evasion is a critical issue that users must not overlook.


Onramp is getting ready to dish out some big rewards in the crypto world in the year 2024 by collaborating with the top web3 projects, tokens, crypto wallets and crypto exchanges. In the first Quarter of 2024, Onramp organized the $AZERO event worth $5000 for its users across the globe.

Apart from this, Bybit Nigeria & Bitget India also organized promotional campaigns where users used Onramp.money to convert their local currencies (Naira & INR respectively) to make purchases on these exchanges & became eligible to participate in the reward programs.

Bybit Africa conducted Bybit’s Free Spin Campaign while Bitget India offered fee waivers on transactions through Onramp and hosted a promotional event worth $2000.


On the social front Onramp has crossed 5500+ Followers on Linkedin, organically & 12000+ on Twitter Global Handle till now.Furthermore, Onramp.money has taken proactive steps by setting up local Twitter handles to better connect with regional and local communities worldwide, ensuring effective communication & better connection

The respective twitter handles are:


Onramp has been gaining traction in the Web3 realm, and its recent participation in some of the largest blockchain events worldwide underscores Onramp’s dedication to progress and pioneering ideas.

In addition to these major global events, regional teams from various parts of the world also represented onramp.money in local events to engage with the local Web3 community.

Discussions during these events centered on themes like global expansion, virtual digital asset licenses, banking support, ecosystem growth, and potential synergies, all of which are in alignment with Onramp’s growth strategy.

Few of the events where Onramp was actively present include:

  • Bengaluru GAFX Conference 2024
  • EthDenver Doha
  • IBOM Blockchain Summit Nigeria
  • Websummit Doha
  • Ice London
  • Token2049

& more


In addition to the milestones mentioned above, in other miscellaneous developments.

  • Onramp.money has also secured a position on MagicSquare
  • Onramp got listed on PartnerChain


In the weeks ahead, Onramp will unveil something extraordinary for web3 Memelovers’ convenience. Additionally, Onramp support will be enabled on Bitget across all the regions we operate in. Anticipate launches in various global regions featuring both Offramp and Onramping services.

Onwards & Upwards
Team Onramp.money




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