Revolutionising Crypto Onboarding: Onramp Money Integrates with CoinEx Exchange
3 min readMar 18, 2024

In a groundbreaking move set to reshape the landscape of Blockchain space, Onramp Money has officially integrated with the CoinEx exchange by enabling an impressive array of fiat currencies such as the Turkish Lira, Mexican Pesos, Indonesian Rupiah, AED Dirham, Nigerian Naira, Brazilian Real, Colombian Pesos, Chilean Pesos, Kenyan Shilling, Euro, and Vietnamese Dong. This expansion is a significant leap forward, ensuring that users from these regions can now seamlessly transition into the world of cryptocurrency via CoinEx, a platform renowned for its commitment to simplifying crypto trading.

Bridging the Gap to the Crypto World

CoinEx, launched in December 2017 by Haipo Yang, a visionary entrepreneur and an early Bitcoin adopter, has always been at the forefront of making cryptocurrency trading accessible and straightforward. With a philosophy that puts users first, CoinEx offers a plethora of trading options including spot, futures, margin trading, and a variety of other innovative crypto financial services. The platform supports over 600 premium cryptocurrencies, including market stalwarts like BTC, ETH, DOGE, AVAX, XRP, ADA, and many more, ensuring that its more than 4 million users in over 200 countries have access to a diverse range of trading opportunities.

A Commitment to Security and Transparency

CoinEx distinguishes itself through a steadfast commitment to security and transparency, demonstrated by its adoption of the “Merkle Tree” audit method as proof of reserve. This initiative positions CoinEx as a pioneer among crypto trading platforms, ensuring a 100% reserve ratio and reinforcing the trust placed in them by their global user base. CoinEx’s transparent approach guarantees that users’ assets are managed responsibly, with all withdrawal requests processed promptly and efficiently.

Onramp Money x CoinEx

The integration of Onramp Money into CoinEx’s platform is more than just an addition of new fiat currencies. It represents a strategic enhancement of the onboarding process, enabling users from various parts of the world to enter the crypto market with ease and confidence. Onramp Money’s technology facilitates smooth and efficient transactions, lowering the entry barrier for users new to the crypto space and offering them a gateway to a wealth of financial opportunities.

A Synergistic Future

Looking ahead, the partnership between Onramp Money and CoinEx is poised to unlock new potentials in the crypto market. By combining CoinEx’s robust trading infrastructure with Onramp Money’s innovative payment solutions, this collaboration is set to enhance the user experience significantly, making the journey into the world of cryptocurrency more accessible than ever before. As both entities continue to innovate and expand their services, the future of crypto trading looks brighter and more inclusive.

The integration of Onramp Money with CoinEx is a milestone moment in the evolution of global cryptocurrency trading. By expanding support to include a diverse range of fiat currencies, CoinEx is not just opening doors for potential traders; it is breaking down the barriers that have historically made the crypto world seem inaccessible to many.

This collaboration is a testament to the power of partnership in creating a more inclusive financial ecosystem, where anyone, anywhere, can embark on their crypto journey with ease and confidence. Welcome to the new era of digital finance, powered by CoinEx and Onramp Money.

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