Revolutionizing Business Banking: Caasha Wallet Integrates Onramp Money
2 min readDec 26, 2023

The landscape of business banking is evolving, and the recent integration of Onramp Money into Caasha Wallet marks a pivotal moment. Let’s explore how this integration reshapes financial solutions for businesses worldwide.

Caasha Wallet: Redefining Business Banking

Caasha Wallet emerges as a transformative platform, offering hassle-free management of third-party payments, salaries, expenses, and funding collections in both crypto & fiat — all consolidated within one unified platform.

With Onramp Money integrated, Caasha Wallet extends its reach globally while addressing local business needs, transcending geographical barriers for businesses worldwide.

Realising the Vision: Caasha’s Evolution

Originating in 2016 with a vision to support blockchain-based financial products, Caasha has evolved into a pioneering force in business banking, particularly within the crypto industry.

Conclusion: Leading the Way in Business Banking

The integration of Onramp Money into Caasha Wallet symbolizes a step forward in redefining business banking. Join us in exploring the future of streamlined financial solutions!

Holistic Solution: Streamlined management of crypto & fiat payments

Global Reach: Multi-currency support via ACH, SEPA, Fedwire, SWIFT, FPS across 200+ countries

Unlocking Passive Income Opportunities

Caasha Wallet empowers users to earn fixed interest in any market condition, utilizing idle assets for a consistent and reliable source of passive income.

Onramp Money Integration: Enhancing Financial Capabilities

The integration of Onramp Money into Caasha Wallet elevates its financial capabilities, ensuring seamless transactions, enhanced accessibility, and expanded financial solutions for businesses.

About Caasha Wallet

Cashaa, a UK-based banking services platform, is enabling businesses to open a bank account in currencies like GBP, EUR, and USD. Cashaa is not a bank in itself but it has built strong partnerships and tech integration with various financial service providers, banks, PSP, EMI and integrated it through the Cashaa account to create a unique platform that is better than any bank. “Crypto-related businesses are underserved by banks. Our goal is to create a hassle-free experience for any business who wants to join the crypto revolution.” Kumar Gaurav, CEO Cashaa

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