and Onramp Money via Onramper: A Harmony for Music and Blockchain Enthusiasts
3 min readNov 6, 2023


In a world where music and blockchain technology collide, innovation is not just a possibility; it’s a reality., a platform backed by influential figures like a16z Crypto, Snoop Dogg, Ryan Tedder, and more, is at the forefront of this revolution. At its core, aims to create a space where artists can thrive solely from their music, while actively engaging their listeners in the process of music discovery. In this article, we’ll delve into an exciting development — the integration of Onramp Money with via Onramper, enabling instant ETH on OP transactions, and how it’s redefining the way we experience music.

Watch the complete tutorial: Where Passion Meets Innovation is more than just a music platform. It’s a movement powered by a passionate, mighty team. This dynamic group of individuals comes from diverse backgrounds, with experiences at tech giants like Apple, Opendoor, OpenSea, Pandora, and Slack. The fusion of their expertise has given birth to a tight-knit, distributed, and nimble team ready to take the music industry by storm.

A Vision Beyond Boundaries
At the core of’s mission is the vision to create a world where artists can thrive through their music alone. The platform doesn’t stop at just offering a place for music consumption; it aims to place listeners in the driver’s seat of the music industry. Let’s dive into some key aspects of this vision:

Discover and Collect Your Favorites: lets you discover and collect your favorite songs. You can listen to them for free while staking your claim as an early supporter, paving the way for the future of music.

Directly Support Artists: A remarkable feature is that 100% of your support goes directly to the artists. No middlemen involved, which means artists can focus on what they do best — creating incredible music.

Connect with Artists and Unlock Exclusive Perks: Through, you can build a personal relationship with the artists you love. Collecting their music unlocks unique rewards, making you an integral part of their journey.

A Collaborative Movement is not just another music platform; it’s a collaborative movement reimagining the relationship between artists and their fans. It’s a space where artists can thrive, and listeners can actively engage with their favorite music in a meaningful way. The integration of Onramp Money into this ecosystem takes this collaboration to new heights.

Onramp Money: Enabling Instant ETH on OP
Onramp Money is enabled via the leading onramp aggregator, Onramper with marks an exciting milestone in the world of blockchain and music.

Imagine the power of instant transactions on the blockchain — it’s efficient, secure, and incredibly convenient. Whether you’re purchasing music, supporting artists, or participating in exclusive events, Onramp Money ensures that your transactions are seamless and fast.

Join the Revolution
If the idea of empowering artists, actively participating in music discovery, and enjoying the benefits of blockchain technology resonates with you, and Onramp Money via Onramper invite you to join this revolutionary movement. and Onramp Money are redefining the music industry, putting artists and fans at the centre of the stage. The future of music is evolving, and you have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey. Don’t miss out on this harmonious blend of music and blockchain technology.



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