Unlocking the Future of Crypto Trading: Onramp Money Integration on Coincall Exchange

3 min readMar 19, 2024

In a groundbreaking development for the crypto trading community, Coincall Exchange has announced its collaboration with Onramp Money, heralding a new era of inclusivity and accessibility in the realm of digital currencies. This partnership marks a significant milestone, enabling users from over 30 countries to utilise their local currencies and preferred payment methods for purchasing stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies. With Onramp Money supporting 14+ fiat currencies on Coincall, the barriers to entry for crypto trading are being dismantled, piece by piece.

A New Dawn for Crypto Trading

At the heart of Coincall’s philosophy is a commitment to democratising the complex world of cryptocurrency trading. Recognising the pivotal role of accessibility in fostering a more inclusive financial landscape, Coincall strives to simplify the intricacies of options and futures trading. By integrating Onramp Money, Coincall is not just facilitating easier transactions; it’s paving the way for a broader spectrum of investors to explore the potential of cryptocurrencies without being hindered by fiat-to-crypto conversion obstacles.

User-Friendly Investment Products

In line with its mission to cater to the new generation of investors, Coincall has meticulously crafted its platform to offer user-friendly investment products. This initiative is epitomised by the launch of the first crypto options trading platform featuring USD stablecoin-denominated crypto options. Coupled with an advanced Portfolio Margin model, Coincall significantly enhances capital efficiency while reducing margin requirements for hedged positions.

Pioneering with Third-Party Custodians

Taking a pioneering stance, Coincall becomes the first Centralised Exchange (CEX) to fully support third-party custodians, thereby elevating the standard of user asset protection. This forward-thinking approach ensures that users’ investments are safeguarded, fostering a secure trading environment.

Empowering Through Education

Understanding the pivotal role of knowledge in empowering investors, Coincall has introduced proprietary educational programs. These initiatives are designed to demystify financial markets, making them more accessible and understandable to users from diverse backgrounds. By equipping users with the necessary knowledge, Coincall is nurturing a well-informed trading community.

The Visionaries Behind Coincall

The core team at Coincall, boasting over nine years of experience in the crypto industry, comprises individuals with profound expertise in crypto derivative trading. Having previously founded top-tier projects and managed communities with over 400K followers, the team brings a wealth of experience to the table. Their backgrounds, spanning prestigious organisations like JPMorgan, Binance, OKX, and Bybit, underscore the depth of their understanding and commitment to the crypto trading domain.

Tailored Trading Experiences

Recognising the diverse needs of its user base, Coincall offers Lite and Pro versions of its platform, tailored for beginners and professional traders alike. This approach ensures an exceptional product experience across the board. Described as the Robinhood of crypto trading platforms, Coincall is set on delivering high-quality user experiences with USD-denominated option trading.


The integration of Onramp Money on Coincall Exchange is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation and inclusivity in the crypto trading space. By breaking down the barriers to entry and providing a secure, user-friendly platform, Coincall is not just facilitating cryptocurrency trading; it is reshaping the financial landscape. As we move forward, the synergy between Onramp Money and Coincall stands as a beacon of progress, empowering a new generation of traders to navigate the crypto market with confidence and ease.

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